Authors who wish to publish their work in the Journal of European Economy should submit their article in such languages as – Ukrainian, English. Translation to other languages is performed by the Language department of Ternopil National Economic University. Authors are welcome to submit versions of their articles in more than one language. Scholarly and technical proof-reading are performed by the publisher.

All articles should be submitted in electronic form to:

In order to facilitate the peer-review and proof-reading processes, the manuscripts should satisfy the following requirements:


The manuscript should not normally exceed 30 pages of printed text, typed 14 pt Times New Roman, 1.5 line-spacing.


The articles should be written in English, Ukrainian, or Russian languages. It will take less time to prepare the manuscript for publication if the author submits the article in two or three languages.


The title should include the author(s) name(s), scientific degree and position, affiliation, full work address,  and e-mail address.

The article should have the following structure:


(1) Abstract (up to 150 words) written in a clear and concise manner so that to provide a structured overview of the contents of the article, present major findings and author’s conclusions;

(2) Key words (up to 20 symbols each);


(3) Introduction:
 -- formulation of the scientific problem and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

 -- analysis of recent publications which lay the basis for author's research and problem-solving process; identification of the previously unsolved part of the   problem which the author aims to solve in the article;
-- articulation of the goals of the work;


(4) Main body of the article: main body of text containing all relevant information with full substantiation of obtained scientific results;


(5) Conclusions of the author and prospects for future research.


(6) List of references.


All illustrations and tables should be numbered and supplemented with short descriptive titles. Arabic numerals should be used for page numbering, tables, diagrams, etc.


Before publishing all manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by method of double-blind review.


All corrections made by editors will be on behalf of authors.

Articles which do not satisfy the above requirements will not be considered.